Below are the points the children scored on previous quizzes! Encourage your children to practice the words weekly, using their flashcards and our online game, to earn points! 

Updated: Thursday, January 11, 2018 


Tziporah Grodinsky 52
Yaakov Torjman 44
Sarah Chaya Dym 41
Simcha Amar 32
Sarah Abdoo 31
Yehoshua Torjman 29
Chava Cohen 24
Nathan Levy 23
Michal Athanasakos  22
Noa Zeitoune 20
Yael Rosenzweig 17
Emunah Dym 12
Avi Rubin 11
Chava Benarroch 10
Ahava Hamou 9
Leah Mitropoulos   7
Maya Puterman-Salzman 6
Yaffa Leah Melnik 5
Arielle Zeitoune  3
Leah Perez  1
Eliezer Shtevi 1






If your child isn't on the list yet, s/he hasn't filled out answers on a quiz yet. List will be updated weekly!