Mrs. Molly Resnick (nee Sidi) a veteran journalist, a former Israeli TV and NBC TV producer, has interviewed many of the world's celebrities and VIPs ranging from Menachem Begin & Yizhak Rabin, to Sean Connery & Sophia Loren. Her captivating story, 'From Hollywood to Holy Wood' is a thought-provoking and humorous tale that has captivated audiences worldwide.

As she speaks of her fascinating journey through NBC and Judaism, Molly comments,"While all the tabloids were gossiping how producer Molly Resnick threw out John Travolta from the NBC studio for his staff wanting to edit her introduction, I was transformed realizing that the decorated celebrity himself had no say. He was like a puppet in the hands of his handlers. I sought truth and liberty, and Torah has liberated my life."

Come hear the rest of the story next Friday night and Shabbat, November 11-12, over a delicious catered Shabbat Dinner (& lunch). A Shabbaton not to be missed!

Friday, Nov. 11 Schedule: 

Candle-Lighting with Molly

Evening Schedule:
4:15pm Prayer Services 
5:30pm Catered Dinner & Lecture

Shabbat, Nov. 12 Schedule:

8:30am Chassidut Class, Cake & Coffee

9:30am Morning Services

12:15pm Lunch & Lecture 

Chabad Ville s. Laurent
2205 de L'eglise corner Alexis Nihon 

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Adults: $30 (dinner only), $36 (dinner + lunch)
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Children: $15 - 3rd child free

A children's program will be provided.


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An international speaker, fluent in five languages, Mrs. Molly Resnick is the founder and director of the grassroots organization MATCKH (Mothers Against Teaching Children to Kill & Hate), an organization that has drawn attention to the dangers of teaching bigotry and violence to Arab children.  Mrs. Resnick has produced numerous documentaries on the Middle East, Jews, and Judaism. A veteran newswoman, she has worked for Israeli TV, PBS, NBC News, and The Jewish Press and has interviewed VIPs such as Menachem Begin, Yizhak Rabin, Moshe Dayan and Henry Kissinger.