Chabad VsL Chanukah on Ice!




Celebrate the 5th night of Chanukah with Chabad VsL at Chanukah on Ice, featuring the CHS Choir Presentation!


Menorah Lighting, Ice Skating, Doughnuts, Hot Dogs, Jewish Music, Jewish Pride & More!

Bring your family and friends! All are welcome!

Please complete this form and see schedule & info below. 


      Authorization Form


I allow my child(ren), to take part in the Chabad VsL / CHS Chanukah on Ice on Thursday, December 6, 2018. 

Transportation & More:

 I allow my child(ren) to be transported by bus from CHS to Hockey Bonaventure (6605 Chemin de la Cote-de-Liesse, VsL, H4T 1E5)

  I allow my child(ren) to receive 1 hotdog sandwich and a drink, upon arrival to Hockey Bonaventure with the CHS.

 I will bring my child(ren)'s hockey gear to Chanukah on Ice at 6:00 pm.


Pickup is at Hockey Bonaventure at 6:00 pm.

If you already know your plans, please let us know here if you are planning to stay for the event. Please note, you can always decide last minute whether or not, you're staying for the Chanukah Event.


I will meet the CHS and sign out my child(ren) at Hockey Bonaventure (6605 Chemin Cote-de-Liesse), at 6:00 pm.


Electronic Signature:

Email address:


Thursday, December 6 - CHS Schedule:

3:35: Regular CHS drop-off and GV pickup 

6:00: Parents pickup / meet CHS at Hockey Bonaventure.
- Supper, face paint, chanukah games, hockey gear etc
6:30: Doors open to the public 
6:40: CHS Chanukah Presentation & Chocolate Gelt
6:55: Menorah lighting on the ice with CHS in song
7:00: Skate to Jewish Music, doughnuts, more hot dogs & Dreidel Mascot! 

Looking forward to seeing you! Happy Chanukah!