Chabad VsL CHS Purim Fun!




CHS is excited to bring the warmth and Joy of Purim to a Seniors Residence. 
Thursday, March 21st, 2019 is that special day! Costumes, Megillah Reading, Mishloach Manot, Purim Fun, Jewish Music and lots more!
Please complete this form, allowing your child(ren) to be transported directly from GV to the Seniors Residence, 2180 Boul Thimens, VsL.


      Authorization Form


I allow my child(ren), to take part in the CHS by Chabad VsL Purim Fun on Thursday, March 21, 2019.

Transportation & More:

CHS will be transporting the children by bus directly from Gardenview to the Seniors Residence. We will not be stopping in Hebrew School.

I will drive my child(ren) from Gardenview to the Seniors Residence (2450 boul Thimens, VsL) at 3:45pm.

  I allow my child(ren) to be transported  by bus from Gardenview to the Senior Residence, 2450 Boul Thimens, VsL, H4R 2M2

                            Please meet my child(ren) at their usual location, as per every Thursday.

                            I will meet the CHS staff at 3:35pm in front of Gardenview with my child(ren), in order to join the field trip. (I usually bring my child straight to Hebrew School.)

  I allow my child(ren) to receive Kosher, Nut Free snacks, upon arrival to the Seniors Residence.

 My child will bring his/her Purim Costume in their backpack.

PICK UP/Chabad Purim Party:

CHS will transport the children by bus from the Seniors Residence to the Netivot Haim Synagogue for Pickup and the Chabad VsL Purim Party and Dinner.

Pickup and Chabad Purim Party is at Netivot Haim Synagogue, VsL at 5:30 PM

Pickup will be from Netivot Synagogue at 5:30 pm where you are welcome to stay and participate in the Chabad VsL annual Purim Dinner and Party - This year, Purim in Hawaii!

If you already know your plans, please let us know here if you are planning to stay. Please note, you can always decide last minute whether or not, you would like to join. 


I will meet the CHS and sign out my child(ren) at Netivot Haim Synagogue, 2180 Ward, VsL.


Electronic Signature:

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Thursday, March 21 - CHS Schedule:


3:35: CHS picks up children from Gardenview and Bus to Seniors Residence

** Purim Costumes, Megillah Reading, Mishloach Manot, CHS Purim Fun & More!**

5:30: Parents pickup/meet CHS at Netivot Haim Synagogue 
Chabad VsL Purim in Hawaii Dinner and Party!

Looking forward to seeing you! Happy Purim!