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Our Community Needs You


Dear Friend,

During these difficult times we are living in, we are making an extra effort to bring the joy of Chanukah to as many Jews living in our community. We are inviting you to be a part of this initiative, Project Mitzvah Ambassadors!

We are looking for people in the community to volunteer to be the Mitzvah Ambassadors to their street or building. A Mitzvah Ambassador's job is to share the light and joy of Chanukah to their Jewish neighbors.

Here at Chabad we are preparing 2000 beautiful Chanukah packages with some special items that will enhance the holidays for all the recipients.

It's up to the Mitzvah Ambassadors to then give out these packages to the Jewish people in their area.

You can make all the difference in helping us reach every Jew in Ville s Laurent this Chanukah!

Ready to be a Mitzvah Ambassador? Here's what you have to do:

1. Email [email protected] or text/call/whatsapp 514-808-1418 to let us know that you are willing to be an Ambassador.

2. Pick up (or we can deliver to you) enough packages for your neighbors or we can give you a street to cover.

3. Deliver the packages to the people on your list before Chanukah.

This Chanukah, let the light of the holiday permeate not only your own home, but allow it to spread to your surroundings! Be a Mitzvah Ambassador, and help us bring the holiday spirit to others.

Feel free to give me a call or send an email with any questions or to sponsor some of the packages. 



Rabbi Silberstein
Chabad V.s.L. & Chabad Bois Franc