Please note: Curriculum details are for all students. Technical details are for students attending virtual Hebrew School.

📅  Curriculum Day:
Grades 2-5: Wednesdays (Sunday morning option pending)
Kindergarten & Grade 1: Sunday morning, 9:30-10:30am with music n' movement incorporated. 

⏲ Time: 
Students are encouraged to log in up to 10 minutes early

💻 Log-in: (442 648 8026)

🔑Password: receive with registration

🔯 Rename Status: 
Please rename your child's status as follows:
First Name (Jewish Name), Family Name, Class Name

Class Names:
Kindergarten-Grade 1: Torah
Grades 2-3: Tzedakah
Grades 4-5: Tefillah

📷 Photos:
We can't really be your photographer this year! Although you will not be with your child during the entire class, take some pictures for him, her or them - you'll have a great collection, and we would love if you can send them to us as well! 

Please email your photos to [email protected] or whatsapp 514.808.1418, or even better post on Facebook and tag us: theCommunityHS and ChabadVSL.

👕 Supplies:
Every child receives an exclusive CHS School Bag and CHS T-shirt! You will be contacted before every 4th lesson to pick up your set of supplies that includes everything your child needs for the following 3 classes. 

In the hope of creating the smoothest experience possible, we are providing everything your child will need, including printouts, scissors, glue etc. Please store the box in a place where it will be accessed exclusively for Hebrew School.

Any item required for a specific class has been packed in its own bag labeled as such

💁 Some Helpful Tips for Successful Zoom Time:
*Prepare child's supplies: general supply box and specific bag for the week.
*Have child use the bathroom before class begins.
*Ideally, device should have nothing else open or accessible.
*Child should have a clean, quiet space.
*Child should be sitting a table that is conducive for working, i.e. space to put papers down, to spread out for a craft activity.
*Webcam should be on at all times focused on the child.

💠 Schedule Grades 2-5: 
We know how important Hebrew School is to you and we know how hectic your schedule is! We are opening the class 10 minutes early so students can enjoy socializing, however please do not feel pressured if you cannot join at that time. 

🎶 4:20pm - Jewish Friends Socializing Time; Have a Snack, Listen to Jewish Music, Chat with Morahs or Rabbis too! 

🔔4:30pm - Breakout Rooms, Classes begin

Class time includes prayer and this year's unique curriculum briefly described below. Jewish Holidays will be covered in preparation for each one. Hebrew Reading will be on a separate time slot.

🏡 Curriculum Overview: 
Bring-It-Home: Making Judaism come alive through experiential and interactive learning.   

Given the unique circumstances, this year's curriculum is intentionally designed to focus on the beauty and energy of the Jewish home.

Bringing it Home has been developed to ensure that the content is both developmentally appropriate and user-friendly for Zoom settings (as well as in-person for when we get the green light to begin!) The curriculum is scaffolded to cater to each student within several age groups.

Our curriculum has been designed to be taught through a diverse set of mediums, including drama, construction, STEM, and stop-motion animation. The curriculum comprises of six units, focusing on lessons that are learned from each room of the home. The subjects will come alive as students learn about the Jewish holidays, empathy, respect and integrity amongst other life skills and Jewish values while exploring each room of their house.  

😊 Personal Aleph Champ Reading Day/Time:
Following last year's success, we are pleased to continue the personal reading time with your child. Every child who had this arrangement did exceedingly well in their Hebrew reading progress. Time and day is determined by family. You will be contacted to schedule a consistent day and time that works for each child. 

Note to parents who are waiting for in-person options to begin: The curriculum is identical for your children. Their individual supply boxes are being prepared so that we can roll it out for you as soon as we get the green light!  Please register so we can prepare accordingly. Once registered, you can sign them up for the online individual tutoring that they can start without waiting for in-person to begin.

Click here for student registration.

Looking forward to an incredibly successful, meaningful, healthy and safe year ahead!