In 1961 President John. F. Kennedy launched the United States Peace Corps. Its purpose - for everyday Americans to be a force of good in the world.

In reality, this is a Jewish idea, rooted in the belief that we each have a G‑dly mission to illuminate the world with goodness, morality and Torah values from the moment we are born.

Exactly forty years ago, in 1980, the Lubavitcher Rebbe formalized this army for Jewish boys and girls calling it Tzivos Hashem - G‑d’s Army.

The vision?

To enroll every child from infancy and mobilize them to strive to be the best they can be and share that message with others.  

In this army, the troops are enlisted to bring goodness into the world! Whether it's by helping others or doing Mitzvot that connect them to their heritage, they are adding light to our world every single day.

The battle is the internal struggle we each experience to choose right over wrong, good over bad, truth over falsehood.

Victory is reached by empowering our Neshama (holy G‑dly soul) with the tools it needs to overcome the negative elements around.

By registering your children into Tzivos Hashem, you are giving them the opportunity to unite with tens of thousands of other Jewish children from across the globe, as collectively they tip the scales in the direction of goodness and kindness.

Simply being enrolled serves a great purpose because the sense of belonging to such a great cause is in itself a powerful point of pride for every boy and girl.

Here is how to sign up:  Visit, click “register child” and find Chabad VSL. There is no cost. If you have been in our youth programs we can sign you up automatically.

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