Ready to Glow Crazy?

The world can feel like a dark place sometimes, but darkness can also be an opportunity—a chance to shine! This winter, CKids will be doing exactly that as we glow in the dark at the Chanukah Glow in the Dark Party!

Kids will glow crazy and light up the world!

Keeping with Covid safety, glowing activity stations will be at each table - so reserve one for your family or bubble!

Kids will decorate glow-in-the-dark Chanukah doughnuts, create glow-in-the-dark dreidels, and sign a Chanukah light up wall. A great-dreidel spinoff and an elimination version of “Hit the Target” will warm up the crowd, while a round the table Chanukah dance off will crank up the heat as kids laugh, move, freeze, and start it all over again.

Ready to light up the night with the light of Chanukah? Sign up now![

Wednesday, Dec. 1, 5:00pm

4th Chanukah Light

Glow Crazy & Light Up the World!

Reserve a table for your family or bubble! 

All actvities will be brought to you!

*Glow Doughnuts*

*Glow Dreidels*

*Glow Wall*

*Glow Dance*