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Challah Bake
kids challah bake.jpg
Hebrew school - jewish enrichment for kids!
Sunday mornings, 10:00am-12:30pm. Join the fun! And Black belt at Aleph Champ! Sign up here.
Mini Chefs - Roll up your sleeves and get busy!
Come experience the joy of Kosher cooking! 8 select Wednesday afternoons, 5:30-7pm supper included. Read more here.
Upcoming events
Aug. 18, 2018
Weekly Torah discussion based on current events - timeless and timely messages. Time: between Afternon/Mincha and Evening/Arvit Services.
Aug. 19, 2018
Over breakfast. The quick track of this week's parsha and its eternal lessons.
Aug. 19, 2018
In depth study class with Rabbi Mendel Mellul
Aug. 22, 2018
Fascinating class on Jewish Mysticism with Rabbi Mellul at Chabad V.s.L., 790 Marcel Laurin.

Wednesdays Evenings, 7:30-8:30pm

Please send a text to confirm your attendance.