Discover your roots through Torah Study classes in a wide range of topics.
Ancient Wisdom for Today's World

The cornerstone of Chabad-Lubavitch philosophy is its focus in education and study for men, women and children, regardless of affiliaton or background.

Chabad has seen education as the most effective way to enhance the prospects of the future, both for the individual and for the community.

» The Choice is Yours

Dear Friend,

We are pleased to present this season’s array of Adult Education classes and courses. Please take a moment, look through these pages and see what you, your family and friends will enjoy. We hope to enable everyone to discover more about Judaism, experience its rich traditions, and learn our ancient source of wisdom, the Torah. At Chabad, all are welcome to join and gain in a non-judgmental and enthusiastic atmosphere, regardless of background or affiliation.

There is no charge for most classes.

Please note that we are available to set up a class at your home or office. Please contact us for details.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,


Rabbi Schneur & Leah Silberstein

» Rohr Jewish Learning Institute
We have added this course to our repertoire for your learning pleasure.
The Rohr JLI is the largest institute of adult learning of its kind, teaching in over 300 cities around the world. Its professionally conceived courses are taught through interactive dialogue accompanied by dynamic textbooks and dramatic audio-visual presentations.
Upcoming Events
There are no events posted at this time. Please contact us for more info about our events.
Chabad V.s.L. & Chabad Bois Franc is proud to announce that beginning Fall 2010 we offer one of a kind courses as a local affiliate of the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute. Click here to read more.